Windows 11 public with free upgrade feature, these are the main features

Windows 11 public with free upgrade feature, these are the main features

 Windows 11 has been made public. Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 on Thursday evening as the new Windows operating system after nearly six years.

The company has touted this version as the 'next generation of Windows, with new designs and updated features. New boot screens and startup sound, start menus and upgraded widgets have been added to the operating system.

In Windows 11, High Cortana's welcome screen and live tiles have been removed. The most notable change in Windows 11 is its new user interface. Users will get a new and sophisticated experience from the very beginning in this operating system.

Starting with a fresh setup screen, the operating system provides a variety of Windows elements to give each screen a new experience.

In it, you can see the Start menu in the middle of the screen, which is intended to provide a modern experience. Previously, the Start menu appeared on the left side of the screen. The default icons of Windows like Edge, File Explorer along with the Start menu can also be seen in the center of the screen.

This new change makes Windows 11 more familiar to people who use Mac OS or Chrome OS. However, you can change the position of the Start menu, that is, if you want to bring the Start menu to the left.

Windows 11 comes with fresh startup sound, new sound, and alerts. Also, you can find new themes, new wallpapers, and improved dark mode.

Windows 11 also includes updated widgets. Widgets can be brought forward by swiping from the left side of the screen or placed in full screen. It has the option to rearrange or resize the widget according to your preferences. You can easily add or remove widgets.

The 'Maximize' button for a multitasking experience lets you split active screens, a feature Microsoft calls a 'snap layout'.

In addition, Microsoft is improving support for multi-monitors and making it easier for users to work on virtual desktops. You can now use custom wallpapers for easy access to Windows 11 for each of your virtual desktops.

Windows 11 also comes with an improved touch keyboard, which includes Tener's GIF integration. There are also preloaded virtual keyboards, which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

The system has voice dictation support for the users. It also features voice typing and voice commands to make typing easier.

Microsoft has also expanded performance for Chromium-based browsers. New features have also been added for Microsoft Edge, including improved support for accessing multiple tabs. Windows 11 comes with Edge Browser Vertic Tab support.

There is also Auto HDR, DirectX12 Ultimate support for PC gamers. Also included is X-Cloud integration for cloud gaming.

Microsoft's preloaded app store, the Microsoft Store, also features new search capabilities and improved design, which will help app developers gain more access. Microsoft has allowed app developers to put their products in the store without taking any commission.

Microsoft Store has integrated the Amazon Appstore intending to help Windows 11 users get the Android app directly on their computers.

Windows 11 will initially be available to Windows Insider members for testing purposes early next week. It will also be available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users and will come pre-installed on new PCs.

Microsoft has also released a PC Health Check app, which helps users check if their Windows 10 PC is eligible for upgrades.

Do mobile phones increase the risk of cancer?

Excessive use of mobile phones is said to have a detrimental effect on health. There is also a general belief that being close to the radiation of a mobile phone can cause a risk of a deadly disease like cancer.

But what is the reality? Does its radiation really affect health? Is your smartphone really deadly for your life? Or is it just an exaggeration?

People are terrified of radiation as soon as they say 'cancer' and 'deadly'. Some radiation damages cells and DNA. Which even increases the risk of cancer.

What is radiation?

Radiation is the energy waves emitted into the surrounding environment. In the case of mobile phones, radiation is defined as 'electromagnetic radiation'. In this way, the ultraviolet or UV radiation that causes cancer is also electromagnetic radiation. This is why many people associate radiation from mobile phones with cancer.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause cancer when they pierce the skin and reach the cells inside the DNA. Over time, this affects the DNA and the cells themselves. DNA plays a special role in producing new cells in the body.

But when the DNA is damaged, the new cells become infected. As the number of infected cells increases, it can lead to serious health problems.

But what we need to know is that the UV rays emitted from mobile phones are different. X-rays, UV rays, and various harmful radiations are ionized, while radiation used in mobile phones and desk lamps is not ionized.

Therefore, most scientists and experts say that the radiation emitted from mobile phones is like a home radiator and there is no need to be afraid of it.

The radiation of a cellphone is electromagnetic radiation. Which is called radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation RF EMR. This is the radiation found in the car's MM tuner, baby monitor, WiFi connection, which is no danger.

According to experts, the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones is safe. When you play FM radio, the frequency is 150 to 900 MHz. AM radio still operates at a low frequency of 2 MHz. The slower the frequency waves, the less power they have to penetrate the solid.

High frequencies can easily penetrate solid objects. For example, X-rays can pierce the skin. But cannot pierce bones. Speaking of mobile phones, when using GSM standards, the phone uses a band between 900 and 1900 MHz.

In addition, the Forge data connection uses a high frequency of about 1 to 2 GHz. FiveG uses a frequency speed of 18 to 24 GHz. Depending on the situation, FiveG can work at low frequencies.

This means that the frequency of smartphones is still many years away from reaching the stage of causing cancer. Ultraviolet light has a frequency of up to 800 terahertz. Prolonged exposure to UV rays and X-rays can pierce the skin and alter the structure of DNA in cells.

The smallest frequency cannot cause this kind of harm. Therefore, there is no risk of cancer from lights, radios, and cell phones.

Microsoft became the second US company worth  2 trillion

Microsoft has become the second company with 2 trillion dollars. With a 1.2 percent jump in the stock market, Microsoft has succeeded in achieving this. Earlier, Apple was the only company worth २० 2 trillion.

Earlier in 2019, oil producer Saudi Aramco had also achieved this success. However, its share price is currently declining. As a result, the company is currently valued at  1.8 trillion.

Only Apple and Microsoft are currently in the 2 trillion companies. Two years ago, Microsoft touched  1 trillion. For which the company had spent 33 years. However, it has taken the company only two years for an additional 1 trillion.

For this, Covid-19 has been the biggest help to the company. Because of Corona, people have started spending on many devices. As a result, demand for Microsoft's computer, gaming system, cloud, and other products has increased.

How to avoid online phishing?

Lately, people have been the victims of online phishing and attacks. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Meanwhile, Ncell, a major mobile service provider in the private sector, has given you some suitable advice to avoid phishing and cyber-attacks.

First of all, it is important to understand what phishing is. People who intend to cheat online create emails that look real, like official emails from a company.

But in reality, these emails contain harmful viruses, which put malicious software on the device. To steal sensitive financial statements and passwords from users' devices.


Never open email attachments from unknown sources. Such emails contain ransomware viruses and other types of malware.


Never open links within anonymous emails. From there it reaches the Melissa site. Through which hackers put malware on your device.

Your details

Never respond to emails asking for your personal or financial details. Banks and any institution have sensitive personal details of individuals but are not allowed to ask for passwords.


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