Is your smartphone insecure?

Is your smartphone insecure?

Lately, mobile has become indispensable for everyone. Everything we do is connected to mobile. That's the social network we use. From that, I am doing banking business and online shopping.

With the increasing use of mobile, you keep a lot of important files and data in it, the loss of which can lead to a big problem in your life.

Imagine someone stealing your mobile phone. You did not have any lock on your mobile. What if the thief had easy access to your bank account and access to your various social networks?

Of course, he can misuse your data to the detriment of not only the money you earn but also your social reputation.

Even in the absence of mobile theft, the threat of cybersecurity is spreading in the world. In this way, hackers can gain access to your important files and banks by gaining access to your mobile. For that too, keeping the mobile we carry safely is the most important step now.

Therefore, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the regulatory body of Nepal's telecommunications sector, has also given information on how to keep mobile phones safe. Based on that information, here we are giving you some tips to keep your mobile safe.

Let's download and install the app from Google Play Store or App Store (Official Reputed App Store) only based on Rating and Review.

While installing the app, if the app asks permission for Camera Access / Location Tracking / Contacts / Media / Audio / File Access, let's deny it.

Before installing any app, you must read the End-User Agreement related to that app and the privacy policy of the app. Let's find out what data the app accesses on the mobile and the personal details shared with the third party through the app.

Protect your mobile using strong passwords and digital fingerprints such as bio-metric login Let's change the password from time to time.

Don't jailbreak / root your smartphone. Let's report to the nearest police station without using the found smartphone.

Lock the mobile handset when not in use Also Auto-Lock in Idle mode. Let's configure the phone's settings.

Let's update the mobile phone software (Operating System / Applications) regularly. Also, use Genuine Firewall / Anti Virus / Mobile Security Solutions for mobile phone security.

When not in use, turn off (OFF) WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, GPS, etc. of the mobile phone.

Let's configure so that mobile tracking can be done so that others can't use the mobile phone, completely wipe out and if the SIM card is changed, an alert will come to a certain number. Such settings help in finding the lost mobile phone and prevent the personal details of the mobile phone from being accessed by others.

Don't use unsafe Free Public Wi-Fi / Hotspot when doing digital transactions through mobile.

Back up sensitive data on mobile handsets. Also, let's encrypt the sensitive data even on mobile.

Let's use Mobile Data / Secure Wifi to access online and mobile banking services from mobile handsets. Also use Multi-factor Authentication like Two Factor Authentication, Mobile Number, OTP, Fingerprint, etc.).

Don't Reply / Respond to messages, phone calls, etc. from unknown mobile numbers / emails / Whats App / Viber / Messenger etc.

Don't use unsafe websites like freeware, pirated software/game, free music/video, pornographic content, don't click on pop-up links indiscriminately, and don't download freeware/shareware and pirated software, music/video/games.

Let's not leave mobile phones so easily accessible to others.