Work from Home Honeygain in Nepal

Work from Home Honeygain in Nepal

Use wifi and earn money from Nepal 

Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows its users to make money online by sharing their Internet connection.

Honeygain is a legitimate company and will pay you for sharing your data. The app is an international app that works on all Windows devices, Mac IOS, and Android devices. You will need to install the app and register with the company.

How Much Can I Earn with Honeygain? You get paid based on how much internet they use – not how much internet you use. The current rate for Default Network Sharing is 1 credit for 10 MB of traffic that goes through your network and 10 GB = USD 1. This means that each credit is worth a penny.

Honeygain has an online calculator to estimate your earnings. They estimate your approximate earnings based on the hours you have Honeygain up and running and the longer you have it on, the more you earn. They state that if you run Honeygain for 24 hours a day, which is 720 hours a month, you can make $50 a month.

Proven Ways to Increase Your Earnings using HoneyGain app

Priority on Desktop computers over Mobile devices.

Add 3 devices per residential IP.

Turn off Mobile Battery Optimization on Mobile devices.

24/7 Running in the Background.

Connectivity Type (Wifi vs Wired)

Connection Usage (Use Wifi or Mobile Data)

First of all, Honeygain apps run in a closed environment on your device and do not access your device's data, nor does it download, store or cache any harmful data. The app only passes through information on an independent and encrypted network tunnel on your device. This keeps your network and device safe.

If you are downloading a program, you won't have to worry about slow speeds as the app will stop working. In short, the application does not cause any problems with your internet speeds. Users will be able to enjoy the usual internet speeds that they get even when the app is active.

How to install Honeygain on Windows

First, navigate to and download our application for Windows.

After the download finishes, open the Installer. ...

Once Installation Wizards starts up, click Next and follow the installation steps.

It is very important that you read through our Terms of Use.

Default Network Sharing does not require high bandwidth – nevertheless, your network connection has to be stable and have as low of latency as possible. Generally, devices with slow Internet (<1 Mbps) or unstable Internet connection won't be used, and you won't be able to enjoy the Honeygain app as others do.