When will Club House come for Android?

When will Club House come for Android?

 Now the audio chat app Clubhouse is in the news all over the world. But Android users will have to wait a few more months to use this app. Currently, Clubhouse is only available on iOS.

Clubhouse announced on its January 2021 blog that it would begin work on the Android app. According to a report published on CNBC in late February, the clubhouse has hired Android developer Mopiva Ogundip.

There is no definite timeline on how long it will take for the Android app to be ready. But speaking at a March 21 meeting, Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davidson said the Android version of the app would be available in a few months.

This means that by mid-summer 2021, it can be estimated that the clubhouse will be in the Android version.

Clubhouse options

Those who want to use the clubhouse can't wait until mid-summer. Another option is to switch from an Android device to iOS.

If you are also an Android user and are looking for an alternative to the clubhouse, then many Android apps are now adding an audio-only chatroom feature. Where you can listen to live audio discussions of your friends and world-famous people. Maybe those apps can add those features before the Android launch of the clubhouse.

Of these, Twitter space comes first. This allows Twitter users to create voice chat rooms and invite people to discuss various topics. It is available on both iOS and Android.

A similar discord could be another good option. Discord has launched a new live audio room since March 31st. Anyone can have a white chat there. But the community server has created a stage channel, where certain members are allowed to speak while others become the default audience.

TechCrunch has confirmed that LinkedIn is also developing a tool for audio networking. In addition, Spotify has acquired a sports audio app locker room. Where musicians and podcasters can connect with their audiences in real-time.

Any member of the clubhouse can discuss and mediate the subject of his choice. Other members can be invited for an interview as well as listen to other members' conversations or chats.



Who is the person seen in the clubhouse icon?

Among the various means of virtual meeting, the most popular app in the market lately is Clubhouse. Clubhouse, which started last year, became even more popular after it came to Android. In a short time, it has made many users in Nepal.

The clubhouse is a live audio platform, where audio on various topics can be discussed. Launched only in 2020, the clubhouse has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time.

In March last year, Alpha Exploration's Paul Davison and Rohan Seth initially brought this app only for iOS. Only last May, the clubhouse was opened for Android.

The first new feature of this clubhouse, which is based on the idea of ​​a podcast, is that an invitation has been arranged to launch it. A new user can join the clubhouse only after one user invites another.

The clubhouse has a separate website, which can be found in the app and other information. The app also has the facility to link your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

There are live discussions on various topics in the clubhouse from all over the world. By participating in such discussions, users can listen and speak with the permission of the moderator. For this, the participants in the app are separated as speakers and listeners.

Speakers can be seen at the top of the mobile screen while listeners can be seen at the bottom. If the listener wants, you can go to the panel of speakers by requesting the host or moderator.

But no one has the facility to record the conversations in the discussion. Once the discussion is over, it ends there. The clubhouse can hold a maximum of 5,000 participants at a time in one room.

There is no monetization system in the clubhouse. But participants can send money to the host using in-app payment if they want. However, this feature is currently only available to iOS users. Due to the new app, the developers have said that new updates will be added to the app.

Who is the person appearing in the app icon of the clubhouse?

One of the unique features of this app which has become popular among users in a short period of time is its application cover i.e. the logo of the app. The clubhouse does not have its own app icon.

He has been using photos of different people on the cover of his app. Those people are none other than the users of the Clubhouse app.

Tweeting on its Twitter handle, Clubhouse said, "Every time the app is updated, we will show the app's icon differently. It's a way to honor our members. "

Drew Kataoka

The clubhouse's app icon currently has a picture of an Asian American woman. His name is Drew Costa. He is a visual artist as well as a technician and social engineer.

She is the first Asian American woman to be chosen by Clubhouse for her app logo. By setting up a #StopAsianHate room in the clubhouse, she was able to raise more than 100,000 to support ethnic justice.

Kataoka, who has more than seven million followers, hosted an open conversation by creating various rooms on issues such as Asian American identity and racial discrimination.

Bomani X

The clubhouse had a photo of guitarist Bomani X as its app logo last February. The clubhouse has a channel called Bomani X's Cotton Club.

While the Corona epidemic was affecting people around the world, Bomani started performing at clubhouses. Initially, he played the guitar in rooms hosted by others. Later, by forming a group of young guitarists from different places, Bomani started creating musical programs by himself.

King Kiko

Even before Bomani X, the clubhouse had another musician, King Kiko, as its app logo. Her photo was used in the logo of the Clubhouse app in July last year.

Although he was a musician, the room he started in the clubhouse was not associated with music. He created a room called "The 99 Problems", where political conversations used to take place. The club currently has 852 members and about 4,300 followers.

Without Julie

Julie Bina is another member associated with music in the Clubhouse app logo. Julie, a lawyer by profession, has also been featured in the clubhouse's app logo. She does storytelling at the clubhouse.

He can also be found in discussions related to the law. Through the clubhouse, Julie also provides legal advice. In addition, she has been hosting various discussions related to music.

Erica Batista

Another woman using the photo in the clubhouse's app logo is Erica Batista. Erica, a French citizen, is the head of an organization called On Deck. This company has been helping startup companies in various ways.

Erica has also created an on-deck club at the clubhouse to further her work. The club organizes discussions with startup companies or new ideas related to SAE.

Spray Deborah

Spray Devora is a technology entrepreneur. She hosts "We're All a Tech" and "Women in Tech Show" clubs at the clubhouse. In these clubs, women discuss new technologies. He is also a technology podcaster.

She has so far aired more than 700 podcasts related to technology and startups. At Clubhouse, she is currently working as a mediator in Delivering Happiness, Podcasts Class, Brands That Podcast, Productivity, and Los Angeles Tech Community Clubs.

Excel Mansur

Excel Mansur is the name of another musician who has created an app icon by Clubhouse. Indie pop musician Mansur is both a singer and a writer. In the clubhouse, he is the host of Lalbai Club. Hosting the club at night, he sings Lalbai (songs to listen to while sleeping at night).

The clubhouse posted a photo of her in the app icon as a mark of respect, saying it helped users and their children sleep better. Mansur has about 183,000 followers in the clubhouse.



Spotify brought 'Greenroom' to beat the clubhouse, what is the facility?

In March, Spotify announced the purchase of a game-focused audio app "Locker Room" to make its mark among live audio apps. The company has unveiled the Spotify Greenroom app on Thursday.

Spotify users around the world will be able to host, join and convert live audio conversations into podcasts of their choice via the Greenroom app. Spotify also said it would soon launch a 'Creator Fund', which would help hosts earn money.

As Spotify Greenroom is an app based on the code of the locker room, the company says that the users of the locker room will experience something different only in the design and brand in the app they are running.

Locker room users can follow the sports team of their choice, but now users can create and chat audio rooms on any topic. This app can be used by signing in from your Spotify account.

Unlike other live audio app clubhouses, Twitter spaces, and Facebook live audio rooms, Greenroom's features aren't much different. As in other apps, in the green room, the speakers appear with a round icon at the top of the screen, while the speakers can be seen at the bottom of the screen.

If the speakers are interested, they will be given a place to speak with the speakers above. Currently, one thousand participants can join the room. However, the company said it would increase the number of participants soon.

Similarly, in the green room, the speakers can give "James" as virtual applause for the speaker. The more James the speaker gets, the more it is displayed on his profile. James currently has no monetary value. But it cannot be said that Spotify will not do so in the coming days.

Greenroom also has some different features than other live audio apps. For example, there is a live chat for beginners, in which the host can turn the live chat on and off as he wishes. Similarly, the host can request the file of the conversation after the conversation, which can be later edited to create a podcast series.

One of the critical features of this app is that it allows the company to record live audio sessions. The companies claim that it is for the safety of the users. According to the company, it has been set up to investigate any complaints from users about any program.

Not long ago, the clubhouse closed some rooms to prevent abuses on other issues, including caste discrimination. In this regard, the clubhouse has been challenged.

After some incidents, the clubhouse has also said that it has been recording live audio of the rooms. How Spotify will address such issues will be known in the coming days.

The company plans to unveil new features related to music, culture, entertainment, and sports in the coming days for the recently unveiled Greenroom.