Is Mark Zuckerberg the cause of student depression?

Is Mark Zuckerberg the cause of student depression?

Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, is a means of social networking, which is currently used by two billion people every day. After this medium started to become famous, there are many positive and negative aspects about it.

Due to this medium, it has come out that the mental health of many students studying in college has been negatively affected. This has been shown by a study conducted between students who use Facebook and those who do not at different universities in the United States.

After some time, this study, which will be published in the American Economics Review under the title 'Social Media and Mental Health', has already received an award. In this study, the first two years of Facebook (2004 (2006)) have been more focused during the two and a half years since it was published.

At that time, Facebook was spreading rapidly through educational institutions. So at that time it was possible to compare between students who used Facebook and those who did not. In that study, it was mentioned that the number of students with depression and anxiety increased from 7 percent to 20 percent using Facebook.

Increase in severe depression in students

In 2004, Facebook was only accessible to students at Harvard University. Because at that time only students with Harvard email addresses could create their accounts. Then Facebook spread to other universities.

By September 2006, Facebook was available to every American citizen. Researchers have noted that Facebook grew rapidly in the first two years.

At that time it was easy to study among different users using Facebook. Because at that time not everyone had access to Facebook, so it was easy to study the mental state of users who use Facebook and those who do not use Facebook.

Now billions of users are using various social media accounts. It is not possible to calculate the impact of a limited means.

Social media and depression

Various studies have researched the use of social media and the problems it causes in the mental state. Now that many social media have been developed, it is difficult to determine which medium has caused problems in mental health.

But the researcher said that he studied the subject using the Nobel Richard method. From this study, it was found that the mental condition of the students became weak after Facebook became public. In particular, they say that they are suffering from depression.