Smart Google Search Tricks You May Not Know

Smart Google Search Tricks You May Not Know

One of the most attractive features of Google is Google Search. This feature can be used in various ways to make your daily life easier.

In particular, it can be used for various tasks, from searching for any information to translating the language immediately, knowing the exchange rate of currencies of different countries. Stopwatch and timer features were lost from Google for some time. Now this feature has come to Google. Today we are giving information about such attractive features in Google.

Stopwatch and timer

This feature is a feature that came to Google only recently. Through the stopwatch, you can see how much time it took for which work or set a limited time to see if the work was completed/not in that time. To use this feature, you have to search for Timer in the Google search box. In that tab, there are timer and stopwatch options.

to transform

You can also use Google to convert one unit to another. For example, someone provided you with the unit of distance in miles. However, if you need the said distance in kilometers, you can use this feature. In some cases, the weight of an item is given in pounds. In that case, you can use this feature to convert the unit to pounds.

Search with Google Lens

Google Lens is a tool using AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology from Google. It uses the phone's camera to give you the results you need based on the details in the picture.

Through this, the letters in the picture can be converted into text. Similarly, if you like any clothes, you can get information about how much it costs or where you can buy it through Google Lens.

Similarly, if you know about any animal or bird, you can know about that bird or animal by using Google Lens.

Delete the last 15 minutes of search history on the smartphone

This feature is a feature included in Google search smartphones. Through this you can delete various search details at once within the last 15 minutes. Follow the below procedure to delete last 15 minutes search history from smartphone in Google search.

First, open the Google app from your mobile.

Then tap on your profile icon at the top right.

Then tap on the Delete Last 15 Minutes option at the bottom.

Then you can remove what you searched for in the last 15 minutes.

Multisearch on smartphones

Google has recently introduced a new feature called MultiSearch for iOS and Android. This feature combines image and text based searching to find specific results. Through this feature, you can search by photo and text at the same time.

How to search the site

The site search feature is one of the various attractive and important features in Google search.

Through this, one can search the specific title of any website through Google's search box. For example, if you search ( ios 16) on Google Box, you can read various news written about iOS 16 on Techpana.

Calculator in browser

If you have access to the internet, you don't need to open a separate calculator app to do any calculations. If you search by typing '4+4' in Google's search box, '8' will appear with a calculator.


Google has many in-browser tools. Metronome is one of the special tools in it.

Through this you can choose one color from different colors, spinner, roll a die, calculator. For this, if you search Coin Flipper (Coin Flipper) in the search box, you can use these different tools.