YouTube's algorithm can't block videos that users don't want to watch

YouTube's algorithm can't block videos that users don't want to watch

YouTube has provided many features for viewers to watch their favorite videos. Disliking a video is one of them. In the video that we don't like, we dislike it by clicking on the 'thumbs down' icon. This way, YouTube won't recommend videos you don't like in the future.

But a recent study has brought out the fact that pressing the 'dislike' button does not work. In this study conducted by an independent researcher, an open source web extension called 'Regretters Reporter' of Mozilla was used.

From the research conducted among thousands of YouTube users, the fact that the dislike button works only 12 percent has come out. Also, it will be seen in the research that more videos like the already disliked videos are coming again.

Research has revealed the fact that the 'Not Interested' button works 11 percent and 'Remove from Watch History' 29 percent to stop unwanted video recommendations. It has been revealed from research that 'Don't Recommended Channel' is the most suitable for keeping video recommendations that you don't want on YouTube. It is seen to work up to 43 percent.

From this research, it can be seen that any controller that is put in place to recommend the types of videos that the user does not like will not work. It is mentioned in the research that some users run in incognito mode, use VPN, regularly delete cookies to block unwanted videos.