Hackers are happy if you make these mistakes

Hackers are happy if you make these mistakes

The graph of cyber attacks is constantly rising. It is not possible to say that Nepalis are safe in the digital world when the risk has increased all over the world.

According to some cyber security experts, many people's personal details have been stolen from the internet just by keeping the same passwords. Your small mistakes make it easier for hackers to steal your personal details.

Your small mistakes are a boon for them. What we're talking about today puts your data at risk. Or, we are informing you about what weaknesses your personal information remains in the hands of hackers.

We have mentioned below what makes hackers happy when you do wrong.

While using the old password again

You must have felt this. In some cases, when we forget the old password, we keep the new password by doing 'forgot password'. In such a case, when you enter a new password, you will get a message that the old password is repeated.

It means that even when we keep a new password, the old password is repeated in some cases. In this way, using the same password for every account and keeping the old password again and again increases the possibility of data breach on the Internet.

If we keep the old password while keeping the new password, the hacker can also guess it using the software. Therefore, it is advisable to try to keep a new and unique password when keeping the password of any account.

When keeping a common password on a high-risk account

When we create a new account for what we are not very sure. Out of the hundreds of accounts we have created, only a few are used permanently or officially.

Accounts created only for one time should be deleted after completion of work. If the account is the one you use the most or contains a lot of your personal details, then those accounts are at high risk.

Keep a unique password on such accounts to avoid various risks on the Internet. Use different passwords for these accounts.

When not using a password manager

Hackers are happy when common people or internet users do not use password managers. In the context of multi-factor authentication, a password manager is an important tool that makes it a habit to create smart passwords.

These password managers help you create unique passwords, create one-time passwords, and automatically use passwords for accounts. 45 percent of the total users are using a password manager, while the remaining 55 percent have created their own passwords.

When using a password manager, after clicking on any phishing link, it will immediately identify it and block the password from entering the link.

You can use a password manager to keep your passwords safe. These password managers may be suitable for you.


– Bitwarden

– Dashlane

- Lastpass

All these password managers do the same thing. However, you can use these different password managers by taking care of which features are suitable.

Having a weak password on a site with personal details

In the eyes of a hacker, an account that contains the most personal details is visible. They are happy to keep weak passwords on such accounts. Because simple and easy passwords they can easily guess.

Make it a habit to keep strong passwords on accounts that contain a lot of your personal and financial details. A password of at least 12 characters must be kept.

When keeping a password, you should try to keep a password that cannot be guessed by others. For which you can use different symbols (#Rs.%&) in the middle and on the sides.

Passwords should be long and difficult, and passwords should also be memorable.

When not using a multi-factor authentication system

Hackers are happier when you don't use multi-factor authentication. Because once a hacker finds out the password, he can't login to that account.

When using multi-factor authentication, when someone logs in using the same email and password, they have to go through different steps depending on which factor authentication is used.

For example, if two-factor authentication is implemented, you can log in using the ICO code on the SIM.

Learn about passwords

Cyber ​​attackers are happy when you don't know your password. So that they can hack the account by following the general mentality.

We never think that our account will be taken over by a hacker. Because we feel that we have adopted awareness. However, it is impossible to predict when and how data theft will happen. Even when a small data is stolen, we have to face a big loss.

As long as you are on the Internet, you are being monitored by some hacker. To be safe on the Internet, never assume that you are always safe.

You may be under the surveillance of a hacker from any corner of the world. Change the password according to time. Which is the appropriate medium according to technology yes, select it and use it.