Changed Twitter domain and handle without official announcement: name-x, theme color black

Changed Twitter domain and handle without official announcement: name-x, theme color black

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has started to remove the well-known bird logo after finding a new logo for the company. Musk tweeted on Sunday and announced that he would change the logo of Twitter. On the same day, he said that the Twitter logo will be live from Monday when he found a suitable logo for Twitter that comes from the letter 'X'.

Musk has considered the official logo that Twin Birch's co-founder Sawyer Marriott tweeted on Sunday. He tweeted an icon of X's new logo on Monday morning.

Along with that, Musk has also placed the same logo on his profile. Now the name and logo of the official handle of Twitter has been changed. In the company icon behind the verification badge, the X logo has started appearing in place of Twitter's old bird. Not only that, the theme color is also black.

However, Musk has not officially announced that the logo has been changed and the bird logo has been removed from the entire site.

Musk announced via a tweet on Sunday that when he found a suitable logo, he would go live with the new logo around the world on Monday. Accordingly, Musk has indicated that he has found X's logo and is making it live.

Finally, Twitter's name and logo were changed to 'X'.

  Twitter has officially retired the bird logo. The new logo of Twitter has been live around the world since around 3 pm according to Nepali time on Monday. Along with this, Twitter's new logo has started appearing on the desktop.

In particular, the bird logo has been removed from the homepage, the official Twitter handle of Twitter and other places. It is said that a new logo will appear in the Android and iOS app with the new update.

The owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, announced on Sunday that he will change the Twitter logo. Along with that, Twitter's bird logo was replaced forever on Monday. While rebranding Twitter to X, Musk has named the platform 'The Everything App'.

Along with this, you can now not only read and watch tweets, but also listen to audio, watch long videos, make payments, buy and sell goods and services.

After purchasing Twitter in October 2022, Musk has brought many changes to the platform.

Is it only the Twitter logo or the name itself that has changed?

Now Twitter's new logo has become a topic of discussion on the internet. That logo has been removed from most of the places where the bird logo appears on Twitter. In particular, Twitter's home button, official handle, and the logo behind the verification badge have all been removed. In place of the said logo, the temporary logo of X has started appearing.

Along with this, many questions have been raised about Twitter. One of them is, does the name of Twitter change after the logo? Before commenting on this matter, let's discuss the specific changes that have taken place on Twitter.

After purchasing Twitter last October for $44 billion, Musk has brought many changes to Twitter. The most important change is the company name of Twitter. On April 4, 2023, Elon Musk changed the name of the Twitter company from Twitter Inc. to X Corporation. After that, Elon Musk is constantly focusing on making Twitter a new kind of platform.

He has already changed his name to X on Twitter's official Twitter handle. This means that the company is rebranding Twitter to 'X'. Now Twitter is said to be called 'X, The Everything App'.

YouTuber Marquis Brownlee, who joined Twitter in 2009, tweeted saying that he is really a Twitterer. Giving a reply to the tweet, Musk said that he will not be able to say Twitter for a long time.

Most companies associated with Musk have an X attached to them. In 1999, he started as an online bank. However, later was rebranded as PayPal.

His company SpaceX also has the letter X attached to it. The letter X is also attached to the name of a model of Musk's electric car company Tesla.

Now, he has made the domain, which he bought from PayPal in 2017, into Twitter.

In support of Musk's intention to make Twitter the X platform, Twitter CEO Linda X has claimed that it is the future.

This means that Twitter is going to be developed as a platform for audio, video, instant messaging and payment, not just limited to social networks. Apart from that, Twitter will also be a marketplace for people to sell and buy ideas, services or content.

If we look at the things that have changed now, the official domain name of Twitter, the official username of Twitter, the name on Google Play and Appstore is Twitter.

But X's logo has started appearing in most of the places where the company's logo should be. Analysts have said that Musk is doing this with the strategy of bringing all Twitter users to the X platform.

In this way, the analyst expects that Twitter will completely turn into X in the end. With the rebrand, Twitter will no longer be the social network it was before Musk bought the platform.

Rebranding Twitter to 'X' could land Elon Musk in legal trouble

Musk's decision to rebrand Twitter to 'X' is going to be legally complicated. Meta, the company that brings Twitter's rival platform Threads, and Microsoft have already taken the intellectual property rights of X, so the possibility of X Corporation getting into legal trouble is high.

Analysts say that since X is widely used and hundreds of people have trademarked it, it will be a challenge for X Corporation to legally rebrand it as X. Speaking to the international media outlet Reuters, trademark attorney Josh Garben claimed that there is a 100 percent chance that some person will file a lawsuit on this issue one day.

According to him, there are 900 companies in the US that have registered X's trademark. On Monday, Musk announced a new logo for the social network, naming Twitter 'X'. The letter 'X' of stylish text on a black background has become the new logo of Twitter.

Companies with logos, letters, names, slogans that identify their products or services can claim infringement in such cases, when their consumers are confused about the products or services.

In the event of an alleged violation, the regulator may impose a ban on the offending company. Microsoft took over the X trademark in 2003.

The company registered a communications-related trademark for its Xbox video game system. On the other hand, Meta registered the trademark of blue and white letter X in 2019.

Meta registered the trademark for social media and software. "Meta and Microsoft will not sue Twitter as long as 'X' does not threaten them or affect their brand," says Garben.

Even Meta himself faced legal problems when he kept the company's name from Facebook to Meta. Investor company Meta Capital and virtual reality company Meta X filed a trademark case against the company last year. Apart from that, some companies also sued the Infinity logo saying that Meta made a logo similar to theirs.