Facebook is bringing a smartwatch under its own brand to challenge Apple

Facebook is bringing a smartwatch under its own brand to challenge Apple

Social media giant Facebook is going to bring a smartwatch. The information company has written the news saying that the company is going to bring a smartwatch with health and massage features. The company has not yet named the product.

But it will support Google's Android operating system. As Facebook develops its own operating system, Google will no longer have to rely on second-generation smartwatches.

Meanwhile, many may be interested in what the smartwatch that Facebook will bring. According to sources, the service of this smartwatch will be integrated with the apps of the company including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

It is also said to support cellular connectivity, which allows you to send and read messages without a smartphone.

In addition to the messaging feature, the smartwatch will also include a fitness feature. For this, smartwatches will be connected with the hardware and services of health and fitness companies.

Facebook's smartwatch is expected to hit the market only in 2022. In terms of price, it is said to be cheaper than competing Apple products.



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