Starting coding? Find out about Python

Starting coding? Find out about Python

Python is now a popular programming language, used across a wide range of artificial intelligence. In this age of digital transformation, the demand for manpower capable of designing applications is high.

So today we are going to tell you about the important information needed for those who want to make a career from Python language such as salary, programming application, courses to be studied, developer's feelings.

Python: Always popular

TIOBE publishes its top popular programming languages ​​each month. It updates the ranking of long-trending languages ​​in the evolving landscape of programming languages.

According to TIOBE's January rankings, Python was the top popular programming language of the year. This is the fourth time Python has received such an honor.

In 2020, Python achieved a rate of 2.01 percent, compared to 1.99 percent and 1.66 percent of the other popular programming languages ​​C ++ and C, respectively.

In TIOBE's February rankings, Python ranked third with a rating of 10.86 percent, with C the highest rating and Java runner-up.

Python also received high scores in the Stack Overflow 2020 annual developer survey. Python became the third most popular language based on feedback from more than 60,000 developers around the world.

Angela Yu, a developer at Python Language, says that she is strong in both brain and physical abilities.

She says, ‘It has a pretty easy syntax and is super powerful to boot. It doesn't have many extra syntaxes like Java and border. This means you can spend a lot of time writing logic instead of looking for a lost or missing semicolon. '

Interestingly, it is also listed in Stack Overflow's 'Most Wanted Programming Language'. Which is based on the opinion of developers who do not use any specific programming language. He said he was interested in Python.

30 percent preferred Python, 11.5 percent preferred JavaScript and 12.1 percent preferred Go language.

Python is great for reading and its keywords make the code look more like reading English than any unfamiliar computer language. But apart from Python's convenience, modern programming languages ​​have all the "object-oriented programming", "dynamic typing" and powerful interpreters that should be available, Yu said.

Digital conversion and Python

During the Coronavirus, companies began using automation, machine learning, and AI, accelerating the pace of digital conversion. Python, meanwhile, became the focal point of these efforts.

"With the rise of AI, machine learning and data science, this language has become very popular," says Yu. Because most libraries are written in Python or supported by Python, you can code them in Python. '

Salary in Python

Python is used in a wide range of industries. The average annual salary of Python developers in the United States is up to $111,000, of which $5,000 is earned each year, according to Indie Tools and Data.

But even in the United States, the salary level of Python developers is not the same. Washington DC has $136,506 while New York has $130,921. In Austin and Texas, Indie's figures show  $122,275.

"Today, Python dominates machine learning, AI, and data science, so you need to have knowledge of Python to work in these areas as well."

It is very popular with web developers who use Flask and Django. Python's web framework is used by everyone from Reddit to Netflix. It is also used in automotive, robotics, and meteorology.

Python course to study

You need to learn a few basic things about coding from Python. Many courses, boot camps can be helpful. Advanced courses are ranging from Python intro courses for newcomers to exciter and Python and master class bundles to creating machine learning projects.