Here's how to put one together for use with a quantum computer

Here's how to put one together for use with a quantum computer

Many of you may have heard of supercomputers. But have you ever heard of a quantum computer? If some have heard this word somewhere then you are lucky.

Because you have the good fortune to listen to the modern technology of the modern age. Today we will tell you what a quantum computer is and how it works.

To understand a quantum computer, first remove all the elements inside the computer such as a keyboard, mouse, motherboard, hard drive, RAM, graphics card. And look at the things that have helped make your computer a computer.

Whether it's a computer or a mobile phone, the processor is what makes your device so smart today. The smallest element in that processor is the transistor, whose particles combine to form a single processor.

The transistor acts as a switch to turn the current on and off. There are billions upon billions of such switches inside a computer. Once you get all those switches, you can perform all kinds of tasks on the computer.

But the size of the transistor has been declining every year since its inception. For example, Pentium 2 was followed by 3 to 4. Manufacturers reduce the size of the transistor to increase the number of switches. So that more and more computing can be done on the computer.

Another advantage is that the smaller the size of an element, the less energy it consumes. The same efficiency and total output speed are also good. For example, there is a big difference between the computer of 2012 and the computer of 2020 in terms of energy consumption and speed.

But with the practice of reducing the size of transistors, a problem has also arisen. As the manufacturers are reducing the size of this transistor, one day its size will be reduced to a single atom. If the size of the transistor is reduced to the size of an atom, it will deviate from its main purpose.

Because until now we were working to stop and flow the electrons coming into the transistor as we wished. But when the size of the transistor decreases to the size of an atom, you cannot stop the electrons from entering it.

This is because the electrons travel through the quantum physics tunneling phenomenon through another tunnel, which justifies the transistor.

In this case, we need a quantum computer. This computer helps us to use quantum phenomena to our advantage. The computer you use in your home or office is not a quantum computer. Neither your smartphone. Quantum computers are made in different ways.

Simple device bits are used, while quantum computers use qubits. It is a single electron. One qubit works for both zero and one bits.

But to use it you need a very cold temperature of about zero degrees Celsius and a magnetic field. After these things happen whether you explore the weather or traffic monitors or space research. Quantum computers facilitate all these things that ordinary computers cannot do.

Google's success in quantum computers

Google has found success in quantum computer research. Google, which has been testing Quantum Computer for a long time, has reportedly successfully tested Quantum Computer. According to Google, Vantum Computer has managed to solve the problem of old supercomputers in a matter of minutes.

Google's success will increase the capacity of computers by hundreds of times in the next few years. However, currently, the work that takes years can be done in a few minutes. According to the information published in the science journal Nature on Wednesday, the speed of the quantum computer tested by Google can be developed as a system and commercially advanced.

Quantum computers have long been seen as the future of high-speed information processing. The world's largest companies were engaged in its construction.

Among them are Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. Google, meanwhile, says it has achieved its first success. This has pushed other companies.

Quantum computers tested by Google have made it possible for supercomputers to take years to complete in a matter of minutes. It is said to be useful for finding drugs, managing the city, and solving the current problems in traffic management. It will play the most important role in the short-term decision.

Quantum computers built on bits and quits technology are said to be able to register data values ​​of 'Zero' and 'One'. Which is also the language of modern computing.