What is quantum internet and how is data transferred from it?

What is quantum internet and how is data transferred from it?

Quantum Internet begins where the capacity of our normal computer or Internet is limited.

For example, today's computers have a processor based on seven-nanometer lithography. After a while, it decreases to five, three to two. Then it is difficult to reduce the size. Because the size of the transistor inside the processor is about the size of an atom.

Then our internet is transferred to the quantum world. Where our normal physics don't work. Quantum computers are born to meet the limitations of ordinary computers.

It has high cybersecurity. Because it is transferred to the superposition. With the advent of a quantum internet, you don't have to use encryption like you do now.

The speed of quantum internet is much faster than the normal internet we use. According to scientists, its data transfer rate is one GB per second.

Quantum Internet was discovered by Chinese scientists. When two places with a distance of 40 kilometers were connected to this computer.

Normal computer systems operate based on binary numbers. But quantum computers work based on quantum mechanics.

Quantum Internet is the Internet used in quantum computers. It moves data packets in units of cubits from one device to another. Data packs are transferred to bits on a normal computer or the Internet.

Bits work in binary, it has either zero or one but both in cubits. Cubit's feature is also very interesting. If you keep two cubits close to each other, these two are connected to each other.

After all, no matter how far they go, they never leave. These two work the same way. China has already proven this by placing cubits on satellites.

Cubits are transferred from one place to another as photons. Via optical fiber or laserbeam.

Nothing can be done to stop, cut or obstruct the qubit. But it has its own problems and obstacles. So far, it has not been possible to send Qbit over optical fiber over a distance of more than 100 kilometers.

It seems impossible to save qubit data for too long. Its message is destroyed within an hour. Therefore, its development will take a long time. This is unlikely to happen shortly.