New update in Windows 11, warning if the password is unsafe

New update in Windows 11, warning if the password is unsafe

Microsoft has introduced 'Enhanced Phishing Protection' feature in version 22H2 (22H2) of Windows 11. This new update will show a threat notification when typing a password on an insecure app or site, for which Microsoft Defender will be used. This feature introduced by Microsoft is based on SmartScreen technology.

Also, both consumers and professional users can use this new update. Now, after this new update, when the user types the password and other important information on the insecure app or website, the user and the admin will receive a threat notification.

SmartScreen manages accounts, saves passwords, and more for Microsoft user accounts. It also informs users that they need to change their password.

After the new update, users will now see a pop-up warning after typing the password in an unsafe place, in which the app or site is unsafe and a password theft report will be reported to Microsoft. Along with this, you will also see a message asking you to change your password.

Apart from this, now if the user reuses the passwords of his Microsoft account, a warning will come to use a strong and different password instead. Also, even if the user tries to save their passwords by typing them in NetPad or Microsoft 365 apps, a message like 'This is an unsafe practice and you should delete them from the file' will be displayed.

This new feature is available for consumer and commercial users without a license. But to view phishing security alerts in the M365 Defender Security Portal, commercial customers must have a license that provides access, such as E5.