Whose voice is there when using Google Maps?

Whose voice is there when using Google Maps?

Smartphones play a big role in making our daily life easier. Especially Google's various services have made many of our jobs easier. Google Maps is one of the most used Google services. If you have to go to a new place, Google Maps works as a virtual guide.

With the help of Google Maps, we can reach the said place now. While using Google Maps, there is a woman's voice guiding us. Whose voice is that? Google is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide various services.

Perhaps the voice heard in Google Maps is probably that of AI. In fact, Australian singer Karen Jacobsen voices the various directions on Google Maps. She is known as a singer, lyricist and GPS girl. We are discussing how Google selected Jacobsen for this, what he had to do for that.

Jacobsen had no idea that she had been chosen for the voice used in Google Maps. All this work was done in secret. He was hired for some other project. He was kept in a studio and asked to recite thousands of phrases. She had no idea why I was reading those phrases.

After some time all the sounds used in the GPS were recorded, her friend surprised her by saying 'You are on our GPS'. Then she found out why she was made to record her voice. Jacobsen wanted to be like American singer Olivia Newton-John, so she became active in pop music.

Because of his dream, his voice was used in Siri (the sound that plays on Apple devices) and GPS. Jacobsen is famous on the Internet because of the voice used in Google Maps. Jacobson is living an exciting life now. She occasionally writes and sings.