Instagram account verification will now incur a fee | Microsoft Teams also includes ChatGPT, so it will be used

Instagram account verification will now incur a fee

Instagram is also going to implement paid verification like Twitter. Recently, with Twitter bringing this feature under the leadership of Elon Musk, Instagram is also about to bring the 'Paid Verification' feature.

According to a report published by the media TechCrunch, it has been revealed that the company is about to introduce a paid verification service in the recently released Instagram code.

According to the information discovered by the developer, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is about to introduce a paid verification service.

Instagram has confirmed that this is a normal test. However, TechCrunch has mentioned that nothing more has been said about the paid verification feature.

Here it is claimed that IDV means Identity Verification. In the beginning, it is mentioned in various reports that the company received hundreds of applications saying that Instagram verification is a complicated process.

From 2018, the company introduced a feature that allows every user to request Instagram verification. However, not all types of users have been able to get Blue Tick verification.

It is assumed that the company is going to bring a new feature to address this problem. Currently, Instagram is giving blue tick verification only to high-profile people, celebrities and brands.

It is not yet clear when this Instagram feature will be available to the public and how much it will cost.

Microsoft Teams also includes ChatGPT, so it will be used

ChatGPT prepared by OpenAI is now also available in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has integrated ChatGPT in Teams and included the Intelligent Recap feature under the new premium feature. The company says that it can automatically write notes or prepare highlights of meetings when teams are meeting.

Currently, to use this feature, users have to pay 7 dollars (about 918 rupees) per month. Similarly, after 30 June 2022, this fee may increase to $10 per month, according to international media.

It has been mentioned that this feature is provided to provide the important discussions or conclusions in the meeting as notes even if you are not a participant in the meeting.

It is said that this tool will be especially useful for employees working in companies where time zones do not match. To participate in the meeting or to keep important topics discussed in the meeting as notes, the notes can be read at any time.

Some of the features of the intelligent recap that have been introduced with ChatGPT can be used immediately, while other features will have to wait for the second quarter of 2023.

Similarly, Microsoft has planned to include some special features of Teams as premium features. According to the company, features like live translated captions (translating what the speaker said live) and virtual appointments fall under premium features.

Users using Microsoft Teams can use the Live Translate Caption feature for free for 60 days, while the Virtual Appointment feature can be used for the next 30 days.

The company plans to include some other features suitable for large corporate businesses as premium features.

With the announcement that Microsoft will invest 10 billion dollars in ChatGPT manufacturer Open AI, ChatGPT has been included in the premium feature of Teams.

Similarly, news has come out that Microsoft may include ChatGPT in software like Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. In particular, Microsoft's search engine Bing is being discussed to include ChatGPT.