Now you can participate in Zoom meetings from Google Meet

Now you can participate in Zoom meetings from Google Meet

Due to the corona epidemic, many video conferencing apps have emerged. Among them, the most useful and popular apps are Google Meet and Zoom. Even though the epidemic is gradually decreasing, these apps are still being used.

Changes in the way people work are encouraging such apps. These two companies, which have different priorities in their respective locations, will now come to the same location. Google is going to collaborate with Zoom.

In October 2022, Google announced a plan to operate between Mitum and Zoom. In other words, users will be able to use Google Meet meetings easily from Zoom or Zoom meetings easily from Google Meet.

This service is being tested among some users and will be available for all from tomorrow i.e. Thursday. However, it is said that the services provided by this collaboration will be limited.

Even if the user can go from one lobby to another lobby, can use the features of each other's platform or can join using the scheduled meeting code, other premium features will not be allowed to be used.

Google has recently been allowing other video platforms to operate on its platform for free.