BigQuery Public Datasets

BigQuery public dataset

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. But getting your hands on a large dataset is no easy feat. From unnecessary storage options to the difficulty of getting analytics tools to run well on a dataset, large datasets cause all sorts of struggles when it comes to having something really useful with them. What does a data scientist do?

We're going to check out the BigQuery public dataset and explore the amazing world of open data!

BigQuery public dataset

We like all the data. More mayor than priority! But as file size increases and complexity increases, it is challenging to make practical use of that data.

BigQuery is a public dataset database that Google BigQuery hosts for you, that you can access and integrate into your applications.

This means that Google pays for the storage of these datasets and provides public access to the data through your cloud project. You only pay for questions that appear on the data. In addition, there is 1 TB of free tier per month, starting super easy.

So ... how can I access all this data?

Looking at the BigQuery Public Datasets page we can see that there are about public0 public datasets. Each dataset has several tables instead. Thousands of queries from hundreds of projects around the world using these huge public datasets.

You can find answers to your most pressing questions about images on the web
What’s really neat is that each of these datasets comes with a bit of interpreted text that helps you get started with querying the data and understanding its structure.

Tree counts, open images and trolleybuses

For example, here is the New York City Tree Census. The page shows us how we can easily find the answers to the questions "What are the most common tree species in New York City?" And "How have tree species changed in New York City since 1995?" All of these documents can be accessed from the page with a literal click that opens in the BigQuari interface!

Another dataset that is quite amazing is the open images dataset. It contains over a million URLs and metadata images that are annotated with labels thrown into more than 000,000 categories!

You can find answers to your most pressing questions about images on the web, such as "How many images of Trolleybus are in the dataset?" (Spoiler alert: this is over 000,000!)

But I dig. BigQuery Open Dataset is a great way to explore public data and practice your data analysis skills. Combined with tools like Cloud Datalab, Face, and TensorFlow, you can do some amazing data science. So what are you waiting for? Go to the public dataset page and let your analysis run wild!

For more details and examples, check out BigQuery's Public Dataset Documents page and get started with FAQs!

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