Electrical appliances should therefore not be operated in rooms with LP gas leaks

Electrical appliances should therefore not be operated in rooms with LP gas leaks

The incidents of liquefied petroleum (LP) gas used for cooking have started to increase. If you do not take precautions after a gas leak, it will cause a fire, which can cause loss of life.

Today we are giving information on why you should not switch off/on lights and use electrical appliances when there is LP gas leak in the room.

According to the National Gas Grid, when there is a gas leak, there should be no electrical equipment or material in the room, light switches on/off or candle lights should not be lit. If an electrical appliance is used in a room with a gas leak or an electric light is turned on/off, there is a greater chance of a fire. Therefore, switching on hastily or switching off while switching on can create adverse events.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of the United States of America has also stated that it is dangerous to use electrical appliances or turn on/off lights when there is an LP gas leak.

LP gas is highly flammable. If there is LP gas leakage in the room and the electrical equipment is switched on/off then the current flow is interrupted. In this case, a flash of electricity comes out. And, the spark of electricity reacts chemically with the gas, causing the room to catch fire.

Similarly, lighting a light in a room with a gas leak poses two risks. When a light is turned on or off, a sudden high voltage current causes a flash of electricity. When it chemically reacts with the gas, it can cause fire.

Another thing is that if the bulb is heated, sparks will also come out of it. When the spray reacts chemically with the gas, there is a high possibility of fire. Therefore, if there is a gas leak in the room, experts suggest not to turn on/off the electrical equipment.

Apart from that, various researches have claimed that if there is a leak of LP gas in the room, it can damage the electrical equipment.

Especially due to the chemical reaction between the metal in the electrical equipment and the LP gas, there is a problem of rusting or deterioration of the metal. Therefore, electrical equipment, LPG cylinders should be checked from time to time. The environment of the room also determines whether an accident occurs when LP gas leaks.