These are the top five technology companies in the world

These are the top five technology companies in the world

Statista data shows that the investment of technology companies in the world economy is more than 5,300 billion US dollars. Nowadays, most companies are connected to technology in one way or another. America has the largest share of the market i.e. 35 percent.

The world's largest technology companies are run from America. Here we are discussing the top five technology companies in the world based on the list prepared by Forbes.

1) Apple

Based on company valuation, Apple is at the top position. In particular, Apple, a company that manufactures electronic devices, distributes software and online services, had a total income of 365.817 billion US dollars in 2021.

Similarly, in 2022, the company earned 394.328 billion US dollars. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976, this company has been manufacturing various technical devices.

Popular products: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, MacBook

Market value: 2.41 trillion dollars

Total employees: 1 lakh 64 thousand


  2) Microsoft

Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Ellen in 1976, ranks second in terms of value. This company focuses on manufacturing electronic equipment and computer software.

Most of the computer users are using Microsoft products in one way or another. Especially Windows operating system, Microsoft Office or Word have become an integral part of our daily life.

Popular products: Microsoft, Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio

Market value: 1.92 trillion US dollars

Number of employees: two lakh 21 thousand people


3) Alphabet Inc

Among the technology companies, the company in the top third position is Alphabet. Alphabet emerged as Google's parent company in 2015. According to Statica, in 2022, the company had a total income of 279.8 billion dollars.

Recently, the emergence of AI technology has had some impact on the company's market. However, Forbes has presented Google as the third most influential technology company. However, this analysis is done on the basis of the company's total income, profit, market value, etc.

Popular products: Android, Google, YouTube

Market value: $1.21 billion

Number of employees: 186 thousand 779 people


4) Amazon

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon ranks fourth in terms of market value. Established as an online marketplace, this company has recently started providing its own devices and cloud services.

This company, which is listed as the sixth best company by Forbes, is the top fourth among technology companies.

Popular products: Amazon Store, Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, Alexa, Twitch, Goodreads

Market value: 996 billion US dollars

Number of employees: 1.6 million eight thousand people


5) Samsung

Samsung Electronics Company, established in 1969 in South Korea, is ranked fifth in terms of market value. Samsung has been providing various software services including electronic equipment, IT and mobile communication services.

Not only electronic devices such as phones, televisions, wearables, Samsung is also focused on smart homes and digital health services.

Popular products: Phones, televisions and other electronic devices

Market value: 323.64 billion USD

Number of employees: 320,000 (CNBC)