The new iPhone will have a Type-C port!

The new iPhone will have a Type-C port!

CAD model of iPhone 15 Pro i.e. computer aided design image has been released. According to the picture, a USB-C port can be seen on the phone.

The Cad model that the Nine to Five Mac received has been confirmed to have a USB-C port. This means, iPhone 15 Pro users do not need to use a lightning charger.

Such designs are usually sent by the companies to the companies that prepare the case or cover of the mobile before the mobile is released to the public. The same picture was found by Nine to Five.

This CAD model is said to have been received from Apple's factory in China. Also, the picture of this model has been circulated to cover manufacturing companies in Asian countries.

Such a model is sent only after the design of the phone is decided. This means that the iPhone 15 Pro can now also be charged with the Type-C port. Other models are also expected to have a Type-C port.