Even after the WhatsApp account is deleted, will the messages you sent remain?

Even after the WhatsApp account is deleted, will the messages you sent remain?

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app on the internet. More than 2 billion users are connected to this service, which has more than 2 million active users every month.

The use of WhatsApp in various jobs, schools, government offices and various places has become inevitable. This app, which is used to send photos, videos, links and text, is also widely used in business. However, we tend to delete WhatsApp accounts for various reasons. But will our chats still remain even after we delete our WhatsApp account?

Even if you delete your WhatsApp account, the conversations you have made through that platform will remain. This means that you cannot remove all conversations by deleting the account. Even after the account is deleted, since the chat remains the same, the method of deleting the account to remove the messages may be wrong.

Why does this happen? Conversations on WhatsApp or similar messaging platforms are not the same. That is, the message sent by you goes to the other person's device, while the message sent by him comes to your device. So when you delete your WhatsApp account, it means that many messages are removed from your account. The message is saved on the device of the person you sent the message to.

If the other person somehow deletes their account or deletes the chat, only the conversation you made will be lost from that person's device.

Therefore, if a message needs to be deleted immediately, WhatsApp has provided the feature of 'Delete for Everyone'.

Follow the steps below to delete messages you've sent immediately:

Remember that a WhatsApp message can be deleted for everyone within an hour of sending it.

- First open WhatsApp.

- Then select the account of the person you messaged within an hour.

- Then, tap and hold the chat you want to delete.

- And, click on the delete icon above.

- And click on the option of 'Delete for Everyone'.

- After doing this, the message will be removed from both devices. However, remember that the person may have viewed the message before you deleted it.