add your location to Google Maps from mobile

Easily add your location to Google Maps from mobile

 You must have used Google Maps. Like the locations of various sites on Google, you can set your own location.

If you also want to map your location, address, or business site to Google Maps, we're going to make it easy for you.

To add the location to Google Maps from mobile, first, update your Google Maps in the App Store. 

After updating, follow the procedure below.

1. First, open your Google Maps app. Within that, you see the map interface.

2. In the right corner of the search box you will see three lines. Click there. Also, log in to Google Maps from your email address.

How to login to Google Maps?

There is no option to log in to Google Maps. You must be logged in from elsewhere. To do this, first, go to your phone's settings app.

Click Account Options in Settings. Then click on the Plus Ad Account option that appears.

Enter the Gmail account and password to check-in after clicking on the Google Account inside. You are now logged in to all Google products, including Google Maps.

3. After clicking on three lines and scrolling down, click on the Add a Missing Business option you will see.

4. After clicking you will see the form there. First, type the name of the place you want to add the location too. Then write the name of the street in the address.

5. Click 'Mark Location on Map' in the picture of the map shown inside the address.

6. Turn on your own location to click Accurate Location. Now you arrive at the location where you are.

Then zoom in to the location you want to place. After zooming, click on that location. After clicking, it is set.

7. Then comes the category. Select the house, school, hotel, restaurant, etc. to keep it.

8. Then come to the various options. If this is your office, you can upload opening hours, phone numbers, websites, photos.

9. After filling everything, click on the send button in the upper right. Now your request goes to Google. Google accepts your request within 2 weeks.

Some Android phones have a paper plane icon on the right side instead of the send button. That signals you to move forward. Click on it.