make your smartphone last longer

Here's how to make your smartphone last longer

Mobile usage is not limited to making calls or texting. Nowadays, innumerable things can be done on mobile. Life without a mobile is becoming incomplete.

Mobile is also being used to play games, make video calls, browse the internet, chat, and stream.

In this case, the challenge of long-lasting smartphones is all of you. Smartphones are not something you can buy on your own. We pay a high price to buy a mobile phone so that it can be used for a long time.

But due to our carelessness, there is a danger that the smartphone will deteriorate quickly. Today we are giving some simple tips to extend the life of smartphones.

Use Fan Case

All smartphones look very beautiful when purchased. But it is very sensitive and can be at risk of Naxal at any time. So you can buy different types of fan cases to keep their sensitive parts awake.

Fan Cases are accessories designed to protect your mobile, which will keep your Fan from washing, water, etc. If it does not damage the screen, it will prevent 'accidental damage'.

If you buy a smartphone by paying thousands of rupees, don't forget to buy a case by adding some money. Because when there is a drop of water on the screen, there is no other option but to repair it by spending another.

There are many Fain cases in the market now, which not only provide protection to Fain but also enhance the beauty of Fain's looks.

Use the best method for charging the battery

The battery life of your smartphone is not always the same. Over time, its capacity decreases. So you need to know the best way to keep the battery alive.

The best way to charge for this is to use it. The best solution is to charge your mobile partially but keep up the good work.

For example, never charge your phone to 100 percent. Charge the phone battery to a maximum of 80 to 90 percent and do not let it fall below 30 percent.

When charging too much, the working capacity of the battery is reduced, gas starts to come out from such a charge, which can have a very bad effect.

So if you have a habit of charging the battery overnight, discard it immediately. Instead, charge your phone twice a day, morning and evening. Another important thing is to never use the fan while charging.

Update the app regularly on the smartphone

This simple method helps your smartphone stay updated and free from any issues. The life of the device can be extended while updating the operating system and third-party apps on the smartphone.

It takes a while to get updated, the next benefit is to increase the overall working capacity of your smartphone.

Also, such updates fix bugs in smartphones and keep them free from security risks.

Similarly, by updating the app, the working capacity of the app also becomes smarter. All the apps on the smartphone can be automatically updated by switching to the 'Ata-Update' section on the smartphone.

Keep the device and part clean

Looks very good and beautiful when buying a smartphone. But with regular use, its appearance can be debilitating. The main reason for this is that the foam is stuck in the parts and surfaces in the foam, which causes problems in the work efficiency of the foam.

Clean the charging port, speaker grille, headphone jack, screen, etc. from time to time. In some cases, inaccessible areas can be difficult to clean. At home, you can use toothpicks, cotton swabs, etc. to remove such parts in detail.

Pay attention to the storage

If your fan is getting sluggish or sluggish, you can go to the storage and check how much space is available. If the storage capacity is full or is about to be filled, you can delete some apps, apps, videos, recordings, and other media files.

This time you can move your media files to local storage on the cloud, pen drive, or computer. If you delete the file and restart the phone, it will start performing well again.