Twitter, 'Headlines don't tell the whole story'

Inspiring to read before sharing, Twitter, 'Headlines don't tell the whole story'

Twitter started testing the feature to motivate people to read the article before retweeting last June. Users are sharing news content without reading it.

So the micro-blogging site Twitter started this feature to minimize it. This feature is now rolled out to all users.

This feature of the company has been praised by many. You haven't opened an article on Twitter, but if you're retweeting it, Twitter will shock you immediately.

Before sharing, Twitter will ask you to open it and read 'Headline Dand Tell the Full Story'. Only after you confirm can you share any news content on Twitter.

Twitter has begun testing this feature on a limited number of users. Since then, Twitter has also collected some interesting facts.

After seeing the prompt box, 40 percent of the users have opened the link and started reading the article.

The number of users who read the article before retweeting has increased by 33 percent.

Some people are reluctant to retweet after reading an article.

This is a really interesting and encouraging result. This means that people are only beginning to share information with more information.

That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. However, it is not clear whether Twitter has helped reduce the trend of fake news sharing.

But it's not hard to imagine that motivating people to read helped them to share more quality content. This feature can be a bit confusing if you have read that article elsewhere.

As far as the news media is concerned, there are a lot of people who are sharing news content just by reading the headlines. It takes less time to write a headline than it does to write an entire content.

If you haven't seen this feature on Twitter, we're not in a position to say for sure. The company says it is coming soon.