use Google Maps GPS navigation without the Internet

Here's how to use Google Maps GPS navigation without the Internet

Nowadays, Google Maps has become a very useful app. The number of people using it for location is increasing.

Google Maps lets you share a location with others. If you want to reach a new place, the navigation tool of Google Maps can be your guide.

But sometimes the user may be surprised to share the location and find a location. Google Maps can be difficult to use if your phone does not have Internet access.

As you may not know, Google Maps can be used even when there is no internet. If you are going to a place where there is no phone network. The Internet may not work.

In this case, it may be very difficult for you to reach the relevant place. Before you go to such a place, download Google Map on your smartphone.

With the help of an offline GPS system, you can easily reach even where there is no internet and phone network. For example, you are going to Achham's Mangalsen from Kathmandu.

If you guess there is no internet on the way, you have to download Google Map from Kathmandu to Mangalsen. Then you can happily use Google Maps even when you don't have data or the internet.

Even if you have access to the internet and data, downloading Google's offline maps can be a hassle.

Because your mobile may not be packed with data when needed. Even if you have a pack, you can use an offline map to save your data from being wasted.

How to use Google's offline navigation?

To use offline GPS navigation, you first need to download the Google Maps app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. However, this app is available pre-installed on some Android phones.

You can download a map of the location you want by going to the app. By doing so, you can happily use the GPS system in the area even if you do not have access to the internet and data.

To do this, open the Google Maps app and click on the profile photo at the top right of the app. In the menu, you can see offline maps, tap on it.

Now click on Select Your Own Maps.

Move the location you want to download into the frame with your finger and press the download button.

If you need an offline map of a wider location, you can also download the map separately.

GPS navigation will help you get to your destination exactly as you would online, even when you are offline.

You can even download a separate navigation map for certain destinations. To do this, search for your destination on Google Maps and click on the Directions button at the bottom left.

After doing so you will see the option to download offline direction above. Clicking on it will download the map offline.

This way, you can even update the downloaded map once in a while from the Google Maps app.


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