Google will tell you when you will die

Google will tell you when you will die

Birth-death-marriage 6 This is the provision of Bidhata 6 Such a proverb is prevalent in our society But that proverb is also changing with the times Because technology is taking over today And so when a person may die, the answer to that question is found in Google ৷

Doctors at UC San Francisco, Stanford Medicine, and the University of Chicago have developed a special technology. This model will tell you the day of your death through Google

By the way, Google has the answer to any question Special medical technology developed by doctors from three universities will be able to tell when a person may die, Of course, the answer is not always right In 95 percent of the cases, the correct answer is 8 Not only that, if a person has to stay in the hospital for a long time, this technology can give 8% accuracy. On the other hand, this model has accurately predicted 8 percent of re-admissions

In fact, this model will only work if it has complete information about a patient's physical condition, In that case, this model will collect detailed information from the hospital's electronic health records The technology of this model is designed in such a way that Google will predict the patient with complete information about the physical condition of a patient from the EHR system through this specific method.