robot working as a clerk in a female role !!

Endhiran robot working as a clerk in a female role !!

A robot designed to look like a woman works as a public service clerk. The robot has begun providing services to the public at a government office in Siberia.

This robot with long pink hair and brown eyes looks like a Russian woman. The robot is based in Perm, 1,100 km (680 miles) east of Moscow.

Until now, humans have been doing the work that requires a criminal record and a certificate of no drug addiction when carrying out certain legal procedures. Currently, the robot is employed in this task. This Humanoid works by reviewing the files of those involved, as well as information available to the government and issuing certificates of a criminal record and drug addiction.

The company that carried out the project, Promobot, said the robot was designed to look like an average Russian woman. The robot was created with the help of artificial intelligence, analyzing the appearance of thousands of Russian women.

The robot wears a white shirt and a brown coat worn by office workers. The company that developed the robot claims that it can express more than 600 human facial expressions with the help of eyes, eyebrows, and lips, and other mechanical muscles covered with artificial skin.

This robot will ask common questions and answer common questions that are asked. This Clark robot, which is integrated with the scanner and printer, also has access to the document database. Leonid Gromov, head of the registry office, said the robot could help complete the task without human assistance.

Couldn't you remember the movie Endhiran directed by Tamil film director Shankar and starring Rajinikanth?