Intel's WiFi Six, many features in graphics with Eleventh Generation Core Processor

Intel's WiFi Six, many features in graphics with  Eleventh Generation Core Processor 

After months of discussions, US company Intel has announced that it is preparing to become the car processor of its Eleventh Generation. Named Tiger Lake Eva, the processor will be made for thin and light laptops, the company said.

This chip will be based on a 10-nanometer processor. The company has promised that this chip will give better performance than the tenth generation chip. The company is now focused on improving chip performance in AI-based work.

According to Intel, the Eleventh Generation chip will be 20 percent faster for office productivity, twice as fast for gaming and streaming, and 2.7 times faster for content creation.

But it remains to be seen whether Intel will live up to its promise with this processor. The Tenth Gen model had 4.0 GHz while the processor of this model has 4.8 GHz. Overall power consumption will be the same in both. It is enabled by a 10 nm transistor size.

This chipset will come with Thunderbolt 4 connectivity and for better performance, it will have PC LE Zen 4 support. It will also connect to high-end accessories like external GPU.

This CPU will support AI-based noise suppression as well as blur backgrounds and improve video decoding.

Besides, Wi-Fi Six support will be built-in for Gig Plus Speed. The company also said that the chip will provide a lot of facilities for graphics.