How long will your relationship last? Find out easily this way.

How long will your relationship last? Find out easily this way.

Everyone is involved in love. But how long is that relationship? In the beginning, no one thinks about this, the more time passes, the more problems arise.

 As much as it is pleasant to fall in love, it is necessary to burn wood to sustain it. In all relationships, there is always adaptation and self-sacrifice. But in this modern busy age, this adaptation can be seen in many cases.

 However, in spite of all this, there is no guarantee that the relationship will survive. This time, artificial intelligence will tell whether the relationship will last at all. It is possible to know it within a few days of starting the relationship.

 A team of researchers at the University of Southern California claims that they have discovered a way to determine the duration of your relationship. The researchers conducted the study on 34 pairs of college-going boyfriends and girlfriends over several years.

 Artificial intelligence examines the amount of time that lovers talk throughout the day, how much time they spend arguing, what is the topic of discussion or interest between the two of them, in what manner they speak, what is the tone of voice at that time.

 From this, Artificial Intelligence has accurately revealed how long the relationship between these 34 lovers will last. Relationships break down within the time specified by researchers. And those that are supposed to survive.

 Will the relationship last or not, always thinking about this? Technology will tell you how long your love will last!