Google monitors your every move

Google monitors your every move

That was 20 years ago. When someone first typed into a computer browser. After the page loaded, a search bar and button would appear.

You had to type the required thing and click on the search button. And below that, many related results would appear. It used to have the link you need.

This was Google's time when it had to compete with search engines like AltaVista, Yahoo, and Lycos. It is no exaggeration to say that Google was trying to establish its identity at that time.

Google continues to grow in the power of fast and accurate search. After 20 years, the whole story has changed.

Google is the crown jewel of search engines. Now, most of the people who use it are under his control. That being said, Google's technology has completely changed the lives of ordinary people.

With just one Gmail account, you can track your interests, your appetites, your sleep patterns, and your eating habits. Of course, you have an Android smartphone with you. If so, a Gmail account is required to access the apps on the phone.

This account works on all Google apps like Gmail, Play Store, YouTube, Maps, Photos, Calendar, Contacts. Google will start tracking you with this ID.

So nowadays most of the technology companies are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. It is a technology that tracks user activity on different platforms.

And prepares data of the user's interest or dislike. Let me take an example to make this easier to understand. Suppose a user logs in to the phone with an ID called

Now he watches YouTube. In it, all the activities of the said ID are tracked, such as which video he watched, for how long, which video he stopped soon, etc.

When you log in to a phone or computer with ID, the video of your interest starts appearing on YouTube. This is not just an example but your actual experience.

Google knows where you are going

Users with ID are moving around with the help of Google Maps like on YouTube. Google also has this information.

With the help of AI, Google collects a lot of information such as which hotel the user went to, which shop he went to, where he went to see a movie, where he went on a trip, etc.

How do ads get on your hair?

You may have noticed that when you visit an eCommerce website and see some content, another website may appear. This is also part of your activity.

When you are shown a product over and over again, you may think of buying it. You can view your activity history in My Google Activity within Gmail.

Information about which videos you watched, which news you read, what you searched on Google, which apps you downloaded, etc. can be seen in it.

Google has all the accounts of your phone

Android now has a market share of over 95 percent. The rest belongs to iOS. In this sense, most users are using Android smartphones.

Android OS is also a product of Google. In this way, Google monitors every activity connected to your smartphone. As mentioned above, all Google apps are associated with your Gmail ID. Your phone's contact list is also linked to your Gmail account.

This means that every phone number on your phone is with Google. Similarly, videos and photos on your phone can be shared with Google. Google stores all of this content in its cloud storage, namely Google Drive.

Google collects information as a personal assistant

Lately, most Android users have started using Google Now. This feature can be used via voice commands or text.

That is, you can search for something by voice. This way, every voice command you make is saved in Google.

What you are searching for by giving a command to Google Assistant and what information you are trying to memorize, all these things are saved in it.

Remember that if someone is using the Google Assistant feature, they may be reminding you of some of their important things. Or even a small reminder can be reminded and reminded.

There is even access to a bank account

Google also has a Google Pay app. However, it is not so widely used in Nepal. But for those who are using this app, Google has access to their bank account.

When you do business with the Google App, all the details are with Google. Be safe on Google. But the company has to know your expenses and bank balance.

If you pay your credit card bill, electricity bill, DTH bill, or any other bill once through Google Pay, Google will issue a reminder every time.

He also has control over your videos and music

Google has also created an app for watching videos and listening to music. So you don't use these apps many times ्छ। In this way, Google also knows about your entertainment interests.

YouTube is currently the largest video hosting platform. In which almost users watch an average of 25 to 27 minutes of video daily. According to Google, more than 2 million users were added to its YouTube TV last year alone.

Your chat is not even secret

Everyone connected to the office is using Google Chat, Hangouts, Messages, Meet. Your chats are saved on Google forever.

Even if you delete these messages on your own, they are still being saved by the user on the other side. Even if you ask the other user to delete it, Google will keep that information safe.

Google Sheet and Mitt activity record

Google has completed the work of Microsoft Office through online sheets. Everything you do on an online sheet is saved in the cloud.

Then you can open the sheet anytime, anywhere. This means that the information about what you did on your sheet is sent directly to Google.

Google Mitt allows you to connect with some of your friends, colleagues, or other people on the call. But all of these conversations are with Google.

Google may impose its will on you

Google has more than 135 apps in the Google Play Store. Most of the users are running more than 50 apps in it. Most apps are part of Google's Android operating system.

Also, some app users install on the phone as per their requirements. Because Google has every detail related to your interests.

In this way, Google will show you the topic or content that interests you. But he has such control that he can even impose something on you.