how to lock apps on mobile

This is how to lock apps on mobile

 The use of the app has been increasing lately. An environment has been created where every service should be provided through the app for the convenience of the user.

Therefore, the use of the app has been increasing in Nepal lately. There are social networks like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp. Various service providers in the Nepali market are providing services through the app.

Even the banking service has been started through the app. Currently, all the banks and financial institutions in Nepal are providing services to the service recipients through the app.

Thus, as soon as all the services are provided through the app, its safe use is required. Some apps require a username and password to log in, but some have access to them.

Which requires a password and username to log in. These apps are fine. In the case of other apps, you need to keep such apps safe. That means you have to enter a password to access such apps.

For that, this feature has been available on mobile lately. Android users will be able to lock the apps they need by clicking on the 'App Lock' option in the 'Apps' option within the 'Settings' of the mobile.

Even if you don't have this feature on your mobile, there are various apps available in the Google Play Store called 'App Locker'. Some of them have trees and some are available for free.

You can also save the app on your mobile by downloading the app available for free.