Is it possible to increase the RAM on the phone?

Is it possible to increase the RAM on the phone?

 The main problem of most smartphone users is connected with RAM. Time is short, the game is not running well, the app is not running, the fan is slow, etc. etc.

A similar problem is heard from the mouths of most. That's why people are looking for ways to increase their time. In fact, theoretically, you can increase the length of the phone, but in practice, this is not possible.

RAM is the fastest memory on your device. The ability to exchange any data is much more in RAM than on hard drives, internal storage, and memory cards.

All the applications running on your phone and all the temporary data are stored in your RAM. The phone's RAM and processor work together.

People believe that the processor will make up for the lack of RAM, but this is false. These two work on each other. No matter how strong your processor is, the device may not work well if the RAM capacity is low. Even though RAM gives data at a slow speed, the processor also processes data at a slow speed.

People claim that they have increased their RAM to make up for the lack of RAM in their phones. For this, they are routing the phone from the root access on the mobile.

Then they use some memory card storage for RAM work using applications like RAM Expander.

Or take some storage of internal memory as RAM. In this way, they theoretically prepare the rhythm, but it does more damage to their system.

This is because the original RAM on your phone is fast. But the storage time you create is slow.

In this way, when the speed does not match, the data in your mobile will continue to be read. It also degrades internal storage.

So if your phone has low RAM, use very few applications and always keep the phone clean.