Does the laptop battery go down quickly? Follow these steps

Does the laptop battery go down quickly? Follow these steps

Like smartphones, laptops also have problems related to the battery. In some cases, the battery of the laptop is running out quickly.

Laptops are used for hours every day. In this case, special care should be taken regarding the setting of the battery in it.

With the help of display brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth settings and battery saver, the laptop battery can be maintained for a long time. Also, while working for a long time, either the laptop has to be constantly charged, or the hassle of charging frequently has to be taken up.

If you pay attention to a few things, it can help to make the laptop battery last longer.

1. Display brightness

Whether it is a smartphone or a laptop, the brightness of the display is responsible for the battery consumption in every device. If you work in too much brightness, stop doing so.

Too much brightness also affects the eyes. Therefore, in order to protect the battery and take care of your health, make it a habit to use the laptop in low brightness.

2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings

The battery is being consumed due to Bluetooth and WiFi settings on the laptop. In this case, it is wise to turn on WiFi and Bluetooth only when necessary.

If you are writing on the notepad or doing some other work on the laptop, for which you do not need the Internet, go to the WiFi settings and turn it off.

Similarly, disable the Bluetooth setting as well.

3. background app

If you use many apps simultaneously on a laptop, some apps may be running in the background even though they are not needed at some time. In such a situation, such apps in the background consume the battery of the laptop unnecessarily.

In addition to right clicking on the task bar, you can close such background apps by going to the task manager.

4. Battery saver

You can use battery saver option to save laptop battery. Sometimes, when the battery of the laptop is low, there is no charging facility.

In this case, the battery saver option can come in handy. There is no need to download and install separate applications and programs for this setting as it is available by default on the laptop itself.