Now an alert will appear if your address, phone number or email is found in Google search

Now an alert will appear if your address, phone number or email is found in Google search

Users can now easily find and remove their personal information in Google search. If the company finds a user's email address, phone number or email on the web, it has introduced the facility of sending a request to review and remove it from the search results.

All this will be on Google's 'Results About You' dashboard on mobile and web. With the update, you will be able to find your notifications on Google without having to search about yourself.

Once you have entered your personal information, the dashboard will bring up the websites that have publicly disclosed your personal information and allow you to review each web page where it appears, and even submit a request to remove it. Previously, you had to manually find your personal information that appeared in Google Search and manually submit a request to remove it.

In that case, it is a matter of great improvement. If you are concerned about your personal information coming to Google in the future, you can also enable push notifications.

Which will send you an alert if your personal information appears in any result. Similarly, you can also track the sent request from Google's hub.

It will show where your process has reached, approved, rejected or request returned etc. The thing to be aware of here is that removing your information from Google does not mean completely erasing it from the web.

People can find that information by visiting the web page that contains your personal information. Apart from that, Google also has its own limitations regarding search results, some of which it can remove, some of which it cannot.

Similarly, Google cannot take any action regarding the results obtained from government or educational institutions. This latest update has made the process of finding and removing your information on Google much faster.

This is especially important if you have been a victim of doxxing (the act of making publicly available information that reveals the personal identity of a person or organization over the Internet). Currently, this feature is initially being rolled out in English in the US.

Google has said that soon the company will make it available in other countries and languages.