How to remove forgotten password from PPT?

How to remove forgotten passwords from PPT?

Step-by-step instructions to Remove Password from PowerPoint (100 percent Working)

Have you at any point applied a secret key to your PowerPoint show however later you needed to eliminate it? Or on the other hand, have you at any point got a secret word limited show yet you needed to alter it? Anything that the circumstance is, attempting to open or alter any record that is secret key safeguarded can be very disappointing assuming you neglected or lost the secret word. Fret not, however, this article will impart to you different successful ways of eliminating secret keys from PowerPoint.

Section 1. Encryption Options for PowerPoint

There are 2 record encryption choices for PowerPoint: a secret key to open and a secret key to adjust.

The secret key to Open: Any individual who opens the PowerPoint show will be expected to include the secret key to open the record first.

The secret key to Modify: Any individual who gets a PowerPoint record with changing limitations can peruse the document however has no option to make any alters.


If you need to open a locked PowerPoint file, then the 3 solutions introduced in 'Part 2' will be workable for you. If you need to remove the password to edit the file, then you can directly jump to 'Part 3'.

Section 2. Eliminate 'Secret word to Open' from PowerPoint

In this segment, we'll acquaint you with three strategies with eliminate 'secret phrase to open' from PowerPoint, according to the point of view of both with and without a secret key. You can pick a legitimate one in light of functional circumstances.

2.1 Passper for PowerPoint (No Password Required)

With Passper for PowerPoint, both the initial passwords and altering passwords can be eliminated without a secret phrase.

Furnished with the fundamental innovation to decode any PowerPoint documents, Passper can not just break the secret key at the quickest rate on the off chance that you have an idea about it, yet can likewise be exceptionally useful regardless of whether you understand what the secret phrase is or how complex it could be. The cycle is extremely straightforward while successful.

A few vital elements of this device are as per the following:

Higher Success Rate: With four available methods, Passper is capable of recovering most of the passwords of PowerPoint files.

Remove in 3 Seconds: Removes password to modify in 3 seconds with without any failure.

Easy to Use: No special skills are required to use the tool. The user interface is really clear and the steps needed are really easy.

Recovery Status Saved: Helps to save the recovery status at any time you want and resumes it the next time you need it.

Absolutely Trustworthy: No data leakage or security risks will occur. The developer of the program (iMyFone) is highly recognized by,,,, etc.

Full Compatibility: Supports all versions of Microsoft Office.

Next are a few stages you can follow to eliminate the initial secret phrase:

Stage 1 Download Passper for PowerPoint and introduce it on your PC. Open the program and afterward click on "Recuperate Passwords" to start the interaction.

Stage 2 Then click on "Add" to peruse the PowerPoint record you need to open and afterward pick the right assault mode to unscramble the document. (Passper for PowerPoint has 4 different assault modes for you to pick the one that suits you the most.)

Stage 3 Click on "Recuperate" and the program will get to work quickly to attempt to track down the right secret key. Whenever it's finished, the recuperated secret key will be shown on the program's window.


After the PowerPoint record is decoded, you can eliminate the secret word from it through references to Part 2.2 and Part 2.3 underneath.

2.2 General Option (Password Required)

Stage 1: Begin by opening the PowerPoint show you need to open.

Stage 2: For PowerPoint 2002/XP: Click on Tools > Options > Edit and afterward uncheck the mark of approval close to "Secret phrase Protection" in the "Cripple New Features" area.

For PowerPoint 2003: Click on File > Save As and afterward click on "Devices" in the exchange box. In the popup menu that shows up, click on "Security Options" and afterward select and erase the secret key or passwords in the exchange box that shows up.

For PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/Microsoft 365: Click on the Office button and afterward pick "Save As", click "Devices" in the lower left of the "Save As" exchange box and afterward click "General Options". Select and erase the secret word or passwords prior to clicking "Alright" to save the changes.

2.3. Inbuilt Decryption (Password Required)

Whenever you have the right secret key, you can likewise eliminate it by means of PowerPoint's inbuilt Encryption include.

Stage 1: Click on File choice in the upper left corner and snap Info-> Protect Presentation-> Encrypt with Password.

Stage 2: Remove the secret key in the secret phrase section and afterward click on OK to save the change.

Section 3. Eliminate 'Secret word to Modify' from PowerPoint

The limitations set on PowerPoint records can restrict the number of ways you can alter the archive to the choices you have while making and saving new satisfaction. Fortunately, there are likewise 2 choices for you to eliminate 'secret phrase to alter' from PowerPoint without a secret key.

3.1 Passper for PowerPoint

Passper for PowerPoint can likewise assist you with eliminating all limitations from a PowerPoint show in 3 seconds. Here is a basic bit-by-bit manual to telling you the best way to make it happen:

Stage 1 Launch Passper for PowerPoint. On the program's fundamental window, select "Eliminate Restrictions" choice and afterward click the "+" to open the confined PowerPoint record.

Stage 2 Now essentially click on the "Eliminate" button and the program will eliminate the limitations from the PowerPoint report in 3 seconds.

3.2 File Extension

Aside from involving Passper for PowerPoint, you can likewise unprotect PowerPoint show by renaming the record augmentation of the document and afterward erasing a portion of the safeguarded segment.


This technique is somewhat tedious as well as muddled for clients who don't have specific pertinent expert information.

Stage 1: Begin by making a duplicate of the record. Leave the first document as it is since it will go about as a kind of reinforcement in the event that something turns out badly. Then, at that point, rename the duplicated record, changing the document's augmentation from PPSX/PPTX to ZIP.

Stage 2: Now open the recently made ZIP record and see the .xml document in the envelope.

Stage 3: Here, you ought to find a document named "presentation.xml". Remove this record from the ZIP document and afterward open it in a word processor like Notepad.

Stage 4: Find the label that starts with: and erase it.

Stage 5: Now save the document, ensuring you put it in the ZIP record with the goal that it replaces the old document.

Stage 6: Rename the ZIP record to PPSX/PPTX and afterward open the show.

You ought to now have the option to alter the show with practically no limitations. If not, something might have turned out badly with the interaction and you might have to start from the very beginning once more. Simply make sure to make a reinforcement of the first record.


Whether you have failed to remember the secret key you doled out to your PowerPoint report or you don't have the right secret phrase to a safeguarded record, the above arrangements are equipped for assisting you with acquiring full admittance to unscrambled PowerPoint documents. Notwithstanding, Passper for PowerPoint is by a wide margin the best fix for this issue since eliminating secret word insurance from PowerPoint without a password is explicitly planned. It's truly strong and powerful but simultaneously easy to understand. Attempt it and you will love it.