Indonesia bans various digital platforms, including PayPal | Gmail's new interface was released, update like this | Google Play Store logo change, what do you think? | A smart way to view screenshots in the Google Photos app

Indonesia bans various digital platforms, including PayPal

Indonesia has banned PayPal and other digital platforms for not following the rules of their country.

Email website Yahoo, payment company PayPal, and other gaming websites have been banned by Indonesia.

According to the new rules issued by the Indonesian government in November 2020, these companies must register in the country and appoint a representative.

In addition, the country data has the right to own the country's data and other rules have been implemented. Alphabet Inc, Meta, Instagram, WhatsApp, Amazon, and many other tech companies came and registered at the last moment.

However, payment company PayPal, email platform Yahoo and some gaming companies are yet to be registered. Because of this, Indonesia has banned these companies and stopped their business because they are not registered.

Gmail's new interface was released, update like this

Google has promised to bring some changes to the interface of Gmail since last January. Gmail's new interface, which was only available to a limited number of users at that time, is now being made available to all users.

In the new interface provided by Gmail, options like meet, chat, and spaced close together can be seen on the left. It includes some elements of Google's Material Design Three.

Not only this, Google has said that by the end of this year, some improvements will be made to Gmail in the table. It is said to include better emoji support, more accessibility to other features, and some upgrades.

If you have been using Gmail for your special work, then this feature has come to your account. The changes in Gmail's new interface cannot be distinguished at first glance.

For that, the previous interface and the new interface have to be compared. You can follow the process below to activate the new Gmail cover in your account.

First, open Gmail in the browser.

Then click on the settings icon at the top right.

Then click on See All Settings option below Quick Settings.

Then the settings page will open there. Below the settings, there are options like General, Labels, and Inbox. If you look at it, you can see the chat and meet option.

Go to it, select Google Chat in the chat option and 'Show the meet to the main menu (Show the meet to the main menu) and click on Save Change, then you will see the inbox, chat, specs, and meet options on the left side of Gmail.

In the updated inbox, Meet, Specs, and Chat buttons appear on the left side.

By updating in this way, all these features can be accessed from a single screen, which can make work faster and easier.

Google Play Store logo change, what do you think?

It has officially been 10 years since the launch of Google Play. On this occasion, the company changed the app logo.

Earlier, the new Play Store logo was already available on some users' mobiles. Now, this logo is available for all users.

At first glance, there is no difference between the old and new logos, but a color change can be seen. The color of the previous logo was slightly darker, but the color of the new logo is darker.

Also, the triangular logo has now been slightly rounded. Earlier, the company changed its logo in 2017.

In the year 2012, the Google Play app was started as a single platform or online store for various other apps.

In the early days, various Android apps, music apps, e-books, and video apps were available on the Play Store.

A smart way to view screenshots in the Google Photos app

Rather than bringing attractive features, Google is focused on making its Photos app easy to use.

For example, Google recently made it possible to share many photos from the bottom of the Photos app, and slide-out cards, which is considered to be easier than before.

Now the new update has made it easy to view screenshots. If you update Photos to version 5.98, you may see a section called 'View Screenshots'. For that, you need to update the Google Photos app.

After updating the app, long press the app icon from the outside. Then there you can see an option called View Screenshot.

If you tap on 'View Screenshot', you can directly view the screenshot. You can use this option if you want to take a screenshot of any content and edit, share, or delete it immediately.

How to use the new multiple text format feature in Google Docs?

 Google Docs has a new multiple text format feature. The company has provided this new feature to all Google account users.

The new editing tool helps Google Docs users to implement formatting features such as size, bold, color, delete, copy, and paste, on the selected text block at once.

For example, if you have a document with multiple sub-headings, you can select all sub-headings at once and implement the same formatting.

Google says that this new feature will not only make your docs organized and presentable but also save time and effort and increase productivity.

You can highlight it by right-clicking on the text with Ctrl. In this way, you can select multiple texts and format them all at once.