What is Google Drive and how to use it?

What is Google Drive and how to use it?

Millions of people around the world use this online service created by Google. In this service, you get many such features which can prove to be very useful for you. So if you are not using Google Drive yet, then after reading this article you should also start using this service.

Here we will give you complete information related to Google Drive, such as, what is Google Drive, how to use Google Drive, is Google Drive is free, how to take a backup from Google Drive, etc. To know everything, just keep reading this article till the end.

what is google drive?

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service in which we can store photos and documents. Through the Internet, we can access those documents from any place and anytime. Everyone internet user uses Google Drive and we should also use Google Drive because it has many benefits.

Is Google Drive Free?

Yes. Using Google Drive is free, but if you want to save a lot of data in the cloud, then you have to pay some charge. You are given some limits in the free plan, you cannot save more data than that limit in Google Drive.

How many GB of data can we save in Google Drive?

You can store up to 15GB of data in Google Drive. And you can use it absolutely free. You do not need to pay any money for that.

Now you must have come to know what is Google Drive (What is Google drive). Now we tell you what are the benefits of using Google Drive.

Benefits of using Google Drive

There are countless benefits of using Google Drive. The first advantage out of genes is that your phone's memory is less used. If the storage of your mobile is completely filled then you can save your photos or files in Google Drive, this saves more memory in your phone and your phone does not hang.

Let us understand by taking an example, suppose you have very useful documents which you may need anytime and those documents are saved in the internal storage of your mobile. What would you do if you left your mobile at home while going out and suddenly you needed those documents?

If that file will be stored on your mobile or computer then you will not be able to use it at that time and if your file is stored in Google Drive then you can access it anywhere through the internet. Meaning that whatever photos or documents are saved in Google Drive are not saved in your phone's internal storage, they are stored in your Google Drive account which you can access anywhere and anytime. No one else can access that document without you.

Apart from this, you must have seen that in some places we have to fill out the online form. That is, if you study in school or college, then you must have filled the Google form sometime or the other. That form is created with the help of Google Drive, and all the data filled in that form is saved in Google Drive itself. Meaning you can also create a form with the help of Google Drive.

Now you must have understood what is Google Drive what are the benefits of using Google Drive and why we should use Google Drive.

how to use google drive

If you want to use Google Drive, then you must have a Gmail ID i.e. Google Account. You cannot use Google Drive without a Gmail ID. You can download and use the Google Drive application on your mobile.

how to download google drive

You can download Google Drive from the play store. And if you use an android phone then the Google drive application is already installed on your mobile.

First of all, you have to open Google Drive. If you have already logged in with your Gmail ID on your mobile, then you do not need to log in to Google Drive. If you are asked to log in, then you have to enter your Gmail ID and the Password of that Gmail ID. If you do not remember the password of your Gmail ID, then you can reset it, for this read this: How to reset the password of Gmail.

how to share file or photo from google drive

If you want to share a file with your friend, then there will be a symbol of 3 dots on the side of the file you want to share, which I have told in the screenshot, you have to click on that button.

Now we will know about what is the use of all these options and how to use them. Here I am telling you in full detail how to use Google Drive.

At the top, you will get an option by sharing, by clicking on that option you can share that file or photo with your friend. You can share it on WhatsApp, or Facebook anywhere.

Below the Share option, you get the second option of Add to starred. By clicking on that option, you can save the file as an important file. This is exactly the way we favorite songs in any music application.

On the third number, you get the option of Make Available Offline. If you want to use that file without the internet then you can click on that option and enable it.

If you have already shared that file with someone, then you can turn off the sharing of that file by clicking on the option with Link Sharing Off. This will happen if someone has a link to that file and if he opens that link again, then that file will not open.

Coming just below Link Sharing Off, you also get an option of Copy Link. You can copy the link of that file by clicking on that option and later you can share that link as well. Meaning that you do not have to share the entire file, you can share only that link as well. Whenever someone clicks on that link, he/she will be able to download that file.

Every file has a different name and that file has a different format. That file can be in PDF, in docs, or even in excels. So to open the file in that particular format, you can use the Open With option.

And after that comes the option of Download. With the help of this option, you can also download that file on your mobile.

You can change the name of that file by using the Rename option.

By using the move option, you can transfer that file or photo to another folder, meaning you can send it from one place to another.

By using Detail and Activities, you can know all the details of that file.

You can take out the print of that document by clicking on the option with Print.

You can also add that file to Home Screen by clicking above Add to Home Screen so that you do not have to search for that file again and again.

With the help of the Remove option, you can delete that file or document from Google Drive.

So now you must have known what is the use of each option and how we can use those options. You have learned how to delete a file in Google Drive, how to share a file in Google Drive, how to use Google Drive offline, etc.

After this, we talk about Main Menu. First of all, in the screenshot you can see that on the top left and you get an icon by doing 3 lines. If you click on that icon then you will see something like this,

In this also you get many options.

Recent: With the help of this, you can know which file you have recently saved in Google Drive. Means you will get all your recent activities in this option.

Offline: Whatever file you have offline, you will find that file or folder inside this option. I told you earlier how to use files offline in Google Drive.

Bin: If you have deleted any folder or any file then you will get that deleted file in this option. Any file you delete from Google Drive gets saved in the file bin. If you want to delete that file permanently, then you delete it from inside the Bin section.

Notifications: You can know which notification you have received from Google Drive. And one more question is in the mind of many people how to see photos in Google Drive.

how to view photos on google drive

Just as you see photos in the gallery of your mobile, in the same way you can see all those photos in Google Drive, which you must have uploaded.

Now we tell you how to take a backup from Google Drive.

how to backup google drive

Back-Up: This is an amazing feature, with this you can back up your Google Drive and restore it. Just like we take a backup in WhatsApp, we take a backup of our mobile, in the same way, you can do everything in Google Drive.

Now we know how much Google Drive Subscription Pricing is.

Google Drive Subscription Pricing

You can save up to 15GB of data for free inside Google Drive. If you want more storage then you have to pay for it. Meaning you have to upgrade to Google Drive. You can do all this by going to Google Drive Settings. And can also do other settings of Google Drive.

Some of the Google Drive Subscription Pricing plans are as follows,

Basic Plan: ₹ 130 / month for 100 GB storage.

Standard Plan: ₹ 210 / month for 200 GP Storage.

Premium Plan: ₹ 650 / month for 2 TB storage.

How to see how much data is left in Google Drive

At the bottom of the main menu, you can see how many GB you have used out of 15 GB and how much is still left.

Many people have this question in their mind can we use Google Drive on computer? So the answer is yes. You can also use Google Drive on computer.

How to use Google Drive on Computer - How to use Google Drive on PC

If you use Google Drive on mobile, then you do it through Google Drive App. When you want to use Google Drive on computer, then you can do it through the website. For this, you have to search Google drive in the web browser and open the first number website.

As soon as you go to https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/drive/, you will get the option of Go to Drive at the top, you can use Google Drive on computer by clicking on it. There you will get all the same options about which I have told you in this article. So in this way you can use Google Drive on computer or laptop.