Tired of website notifications in Google Chrome? Here's how to mute

Tired of website notifications in Google Chrome? Here's how to mute

Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. If you use Google Chrome, you must be aware of this.

All the options in it have enhanced the web browsing experience. Since those various options are updated from time to time, they are getting refined as per our wish.

You may be annoyed by the ringing sound in Chrome. For example, we are using Facebook in one tab of Chrome and watching YouTube in another tab.

You may be bored while watching YouTube with Facebook notifications. Some of the websites we use the most. However, its notification has made it boring. In that case, we can turn off the sound coming from the limited tab.

Turn off sound from any website in Google Chrome like this;

- First of all, open the website you want to mute in Google Chrome.

- Then right-click on the site at the top.

-Then click on the Mute Site option.

- After doing this, no notification will come from that site.

-Turn on the sound from that site again.

-Go to the browser as before and open the muted site.

-Then go to the site name above and right-click.

-Then you can click on unmute site and turn on the sound coming from that website again.

This is how to turn off website sound from the Mute extension

The process mentioned above may seem complicated to you. Sometimes it is not very suitable to mute and unmute the site by adopting the same method. So use the extension to mute and unmute the site.

First, go to the search bar and download the Mute extension. Or click here to reach the site where you can download the Mute extension.

- After downloading the extension you click on the icon like the settings above.

Then pin the tab called Mute tab below there.

- After that, the mic icon will appear on the top of the search bar.

Search for the website you want to mute. Then click on the mic icon.

If there is an M sign, the site is muted. If there is no signal, it means that the site is unmuted.

Out of office or on vacation? Use this useful feature of Gmail

Even when you are on leave from the office, you are receiving various emails. The sending person or organization will not know that you are on vacation. So that they wait for your reply/reaction.

This is a situation that almost all professionals keep running away from. Gmail's 'vacation responder feature' can be suitable for this. From this, the person sending the email can be informed that he is on vacation.

After turning on this feature, the sender of the email will automatically receive a reply that you are on vacation. Also, you get to choose when to send your reply, and what to write in response.

Follow the below procedure to activate 'Vacation Responder' in Gmail:

- First of all, go to the browser and open Gmail.

-Then click on the settings icon on the top right.

-Then click on See All Settings.

Then you can scroll down to the bottom and see the section called 'Vacation Responder.

Select the option that says 'Vacation Responder On'.

Then select the date from which you want to take leave in the 'First Day' box.

Similarly, choose the last date instead of 'Last Day'.

Then select the subject in 'Subject'. In the last message, write a message that you cannot respond to the email.

Then click on 'Save Changes below.

If you do this, anyone who sends you an email will receive a message that you cannot respond during the holiday period.

Who are your kids chatting with on Snapchat? Knowable now

 Snapchat has a new tool. Under this, parents can now know who their children are chatting with.

Recently, the company has launched a 'Super Vision' tool targeting the safety of children. Using this feature, parents can get information about who their children are chatting with.

Although the information of the person speaking in the chat is obtained, the parent will not have access to the chat between two people. This means that the parents will not be able to see the conversation between the two people.

To apply this feature, both children and parents must have accepted the invitation of 'Family Center'.

When the request is accepted, the parent will be able to see all the friend lists on their child's Snapchat profile. Also, they will be able to know who they are talking to the most in the last seven days.

Google down around the world!

Search engine giant Google is down worldwide on Tuesday. According to Down Detector, thousands of users have reported that Google is down.

According to the platform, Google was down around 7 am Nepali time.

At this time, there was a problem with Gmail, Google Maps, Google Image, and other platforms under Google. More than 4,000 users have reported on this matter.

Similarly, the network intelligence company ThousandEye Inc. said that when Google was down, 1,338 servers in 40 countries were affected, including America, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, parts of South America, China, and Japan in Europe and Asia.

According to the user, it showed 502 and 500 errors while searching on Google search engine. However, some users were asked to use it again after 30 seconds.

This problem has also been seen in web browsers such as Bing, DuckDuck Go, etc. Google itself has not yet given any information about the Google outage.